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Hair, Skin & Nails! 12 Beauty Tips You Should Know, April 20th, 2013

There are so many tips and tricks when it comes to beauty that make the routine a lot easier. From getting a smoother face to reviving old nail polishes, these tips make ‘beauty chores’ that normally would take an hour or more take only a few minutes. Want the scoop on how you could get your beauty routine done faster?
Here are a few tips to help you out
Tip 1: Getting rid of shaving redness or irritation
Shaving sometimes comes with bumps or redness which could lead to a lot of discomfort. To prevent your skin from suffering post-shave irritation, before shaving stand under running warm water in the shower for a few minutes. This process helps open up the skin’s pores making hair follicles come out easier.
Tip 2: Picking the right foundation or concealer for your skin tone
When testing for foundation or concealer colors we sometimes need to wipe it on our skin to know if it’s a match. We don’t always get it right. A quick way to nailing it is to swipe a sample of the product on the skin close to the jawline or specifically on the chin. This allows a close up comparison between the shade you’re testing out and the color of the skin on your neck so you can have a more blended look when you make up.
Tip 3: Getting fuller/bigger looking lips
Use a neutral toned lip liner to line your lip higher than your natural lip line and apply lipstick using the drawn lip line as a guide. This gives the illusion of a bigger lip therefore making it look fuller. However be careful not to make the line too far back so your face doesn’t have a disproportionate look.
Tip 4: Skipping pedicures
Not everyone likes getting pedicures done. To skip a few sessions use a pumice stone to scrub your feet. The grain of the stone takes off old and dead skin leaving the feet  looking clean and refreshed. After this, dry off the feet and moisturize to give them a natural supple look.

Tip 5: Getting softer skin
To maintain the moisturized look and feel of your skin apply a skin moisturizer immediately you step out of the shower or pool. Showering usually washes away the natural oils of the skin leaving the skin looking dry and dehydrated; the moisturizer replaces them giving it back its vibrant glow.
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Tip 6: Drying out pimples
I know this might sound crazy but it works. To dry out pimples apply a small amount of toothpaste to the affected area and leave in for about 15 mins, wash off and towel dry.
Tip 7: Reducing grease on your scalp
If you have a very greasy scalp avoid applying hair lotions to the full length of your hair or on the scalp directly. Instead of this apply it to the tips of the hair strands.
Tip 8: Painting neat nails
It took a while for me to understand the art of painting my nails without smudging the corners but I finally got the hang of it. To get smudge-free nails is pretty simple: paint your nails as you normally would and apply a top coat or nail hardener to the part you intentionally painted and smudged mistakenly. When you’re done immediately clean off the smudge leaving only the nail panel painted.
Tip 9: Buying beauty products
When buying beauty products be sure you are aware of the types of chemicals used in making them. Conduct a proper research of its contents before using and stick to one or two products as opposed to changing them constantly.
Tip 10: Changing your beauty routine
Using the same type of lotion or make up for different weather conditions is bad for the skin. With weather change the beauty products should change as well. In the harmattan season, you should use more products that give moisture while in the summer apply lotions with high SPF to keep your skin healthy all year long.
NOTE: Lotions that have SPF15 are generally for light or normal weather. For more harsh weather try a SPF 20 or SPF 50.
Tip 11: Refreshing beauty products
Try to change your beauty products regularly. Old products like mascaras and lip glosses outlive their validity without you knowing and could start to affect your skin. Changing your products prevents your skin from breaking out and possibly having other irritations.
Tip 12: Reviving old nail polish
Are you stuck with old polish? Instead of throwing it away and getting a new one, just put it in the fridge. The cold from the fridge breaks any molding the polish may have from being stale and a few hours in the fridge keeps the polish smooth and gives you an easy finish. Just make sure kids don’t think it’s a lolly.
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I hope you learned a thing or two from the tips above. Don’t forget to share some of your essential beauty tips with us.
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